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Stranded by multiple cancelled flights - do I have recourse?

Posted by FatWallet 199 days ago USA Travel Deals
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We flew into JFK airport two days ago for our connecting flight to Chicago. The flight to Chicago was delayed long enough that the crew timed out and they could not get a replacement crew. So that flight was cancelled and we had rebook and the next available flight was out of LaGuardia to St. Louis the next the next day. Took a taxi to a hotel near LaGuardia and the next day there was some rain in the morning that delayed some flights. Our evening flight out of LaGuardia was cancelled again and they blamed the weather but at the time of our evening flight the rain at LaGuardia had long passed and the weather was clear at both LaGuardia and St. Louis. The weather excuse was bogus at this point as it was then a scheduling issue. So we had to rebook again and the next available flight was the following day out of Newark, New Jersey. So after a 3 hour ride to Newark we have to get another hotel room. Now there is bad weather in our destination city and we fear we are going to be spending the night in Denver(our connecting city) again. Do we have any recourse? If we get delayed again this will be a three day delay. We are already $600 in extra expenses.
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